DC 12v to 19V laptop charger

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Can I charge + 12v battery using + 19v laptop charger? DC 12v to 19V laptop charger circuit modules using LM3524 , BUZ78, BC548

Rain detector circuit

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Rain detector circuit LM1801, 2N2222, 4011B, NE555, LM555, BC547, BC107, 2N5825, BC548, BC168 Rain detector circuit 3 kinds of circuit diaghrams to dethect the rain water, the principle is the same, the difference is the component, and the results were good, of course should be in comparison to his own. Good luck making Rain detector […]

Audio amplifier circuits – TIP31A TIP32A

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Audio amplifier circuits using BC560C –¬† BC337 – TIP31A – TIP32A

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