Learn Electronics Repair Training

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Learn Electronics Repair Training Provide the necessary service equipment, and components of a TV (monitor tubes) are generally required for the investigation of damage. Used to clean dirt or stains PCB is corroded, burnt, cracked, warped with a brush so that you can see clearly. Wear a thinner liquid high gloss good, to dry, then […]

How Washing Machine Repair – WASHING MACHINE

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Washing Machine Repair – WASHING MACHINE Tips for the motor is not quickly broken washer Avoid leakage of water to moisten the motor, the capacitor is broken, and its microcontroller series, due to leakage of water that soaks the motor winding washing machine will make a fire, and the capacitor is broken, let alone a […]

How home audio repair

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How home audio repair Tips and an easy way to know the state of your audio device is, touch input audio amplifier circuits with your fingers. if there is no meaningful voice broken, damage tracking sequence is: 1. Measure all the voltage to the tip edges, or toe toe with avo meter components. (there is […]

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