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Hello introductions

Workshop of All Kind of Electronic Products

and Its Marketing

We thank to One Mighty Being for all of grace and mercy, thus from this moment we could share our experience toward the technician or the watcher that located all over the world. There are no secret words in our science because it only aimed to mutual needs in completing the case of our garage and all of you. Our ages are 41 years old and it has been 25 years in repairing all kind of electronic products, households and computer included microcontroller on the car’s door which is controlled by using remote.

We specifically provide service in the calling of repairing. However we also always stand by in house and make any testing of electronic tools which has been ordered by a person.

In conduction, whatsoever, we conduct by our selves without the hand of employees, thus by days it likely to be delicious meals which is always offered to our friends. However I, Muhammad Prehatin from Jogjakarta, have been through decades for us to fulfill our necessities of meals only by repairing electronic product and the trade off, whatever will happen I will never forget and leave this work. Even more, I would like to develop the world channel, either scientific or the trading. Actually, we lack of capital in developing this profession. However, we also only rely on the service of mind thus it could help the other persons.

In garage there are a lot of barriers which is faced and the secret to finish our problem. Certainly everyday it will always be differential ways and the damaged products, thus there are a lot of methods to complete it. In addition, from our experiences which have been long time ago, we feel it is rather easy to conclude. However it is related toward the held of the God. From the testing and research of the functions, systems, and other kind of component and the size of components which are used, thus in our activities, we receive whatever tasks to be given to us. We also provide service to the used products, or even the new products.

In stepping forward, we are also related from the disciplined management. If there are any damaged products we target to repair it in a day. At least three days after the decision to be bought or returned to the owner of the product in order our works are not piled. However we thanks to God, because 99% of our tasks could be finished. Thus our garage is clean as not have the shape of ordinary garage; however it is very helpful on our concentration in completing our tasks.

In future, we will share our experience to those who have been clicked on our website or subscribe in daily base with the differential materials, and ready to sell your products. Such was the case this introduction sentences to be made. Tomorrow, we will present the materials which have sequences. You could cooperate with us information, techniques, and the service of trading-selling through the links.

Hi, I’m a waitress electronics repair objects, and I want to share a little experience, and this is my blog.

Okay… ! Thanks.

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