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Circuit Diagram and Layout Board 7w Audio TBA810s

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Circuit Diagram and Layout Board 4w – 7w Audio TBA820s


Circuit Diagram and Layout Board 7w Audio TBA810s
7w Audio TBA820s

Audio amplifier that is very simple and very easy to build

schema TBA810S
TBA810S 7w
TBA820 differences and TBA810s pin 4 and pin 8


Compare your scheme with the tracks lay-out, check it’s nescessary Voltage 12 up to 16VDC and compare the scheme with the ic outs.Possible you work with a damaged ic, so replace if an other new one works well. Don’t you miss a pot. at the input? Your scheme is probably a test circuit.The circuit with the load to ground will probably work better, I guess.This is an application.

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