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TV Horizontal D2499

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TV Horizontal D2499 circuit modules

TV Circuit Module Horizoontal using D2499, 2SD2499 and BSC25-0000

TV Circuit Module Horizontal
TV Circuit Module Horizontal

Circuit diagram Horizontal TV on this, is often used to guide color tv repair any damage

Damage to the horizontal part of television and crt monitors,
Indications of damage are:
-TOTAL OFF, because short / horizontal transistor leakage and or supporting components in the horizoontal section.
-LESS WIDE DISPLAY, because of his disability horizontal capacitor 1600v.
-TOO WIDE DISPLAY, due to transistor leakage or supporting components.
-Striped look from the top down, as voltage is not working on deflexi / Youke horisontal, horizontal transistors due to broken / dead

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