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High Quality Walkie Talkie – Radiocomunicación

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High Quality Walkie Talkie Circuit module

High Quality Walkie Talkie - Radiocomunicación
High Quality Walkie Talkie Circuit module

The second circuit diagram is a simple way to make a walkie talkie. Walkie talkie principle is to use two pairs of radio transmitter and receiver are combined together to form a walkie talkie.
That each contains one receiver and one transmitter device. but only just transmitter circuit course
High Quality Walkie Talkie can transmit signals up to a range of 2 kilo meters. TR 2N2222, C460, C372, c1162, C1173, C1226, D476, D68, C901 form a classic high sensitive preamplifier stage and proceed to the sender amplifier
The circuit can be powered from anything between 9 to 13V DC.
Inductor L3 can be VK220J type RFC.
For L1 make 6 round 1mm enamelled copper wire on a diameter of 10mm. On the same core make 3 rounds 1 mm enamelled copper wire close by.

And the circuit only uses
Tr 9014, 9011, 9013

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