Mic Preamp and Mixer Circuit

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Mic Preamp and Mixer Circuit Mic Preamp and Mixer Circuit using TL072 Circuit diagrams microphone preamp has 4 channels, and an audio mixer that is equipped to organize BASS and Treble tone in want. Use only the components IC TL072, making it more practical

High Quality Walkie Talkie – Radiocomunicación

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High Quality Walkie Talkie Circuit module The second circuit diagram is a simple way to make a walkie talkie. Walkie talkie principle is to use two pairs of radio transmitter and receiver are combined together to form a walkie talkie. That each contains one receiver and one transmitter device. but only just transmitter circuit course […]

Light sensor circuit diagrams

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Light sensor circuit diagrams Light sensor circuit diagrams This circuit has two distinct functions, either using the same light sensor, a circuit module is useful for light and turn off the lights (relay), and that only produce sound. Usually applies to a security alarm place. Components used: Sensor LDR 2N3904 Relay Audio alarm using LM386

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