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Inside this circuitmodules.com, be explained about the various components and related equipment with circuit diagrams, such as infrared sensors, mosfet 2n7002 nxp, wireles call bell system, ultrasound, led light ba, rpic board, tubes supply circuit, ac adapter, power supply, eeffect sensor, component, audio circuit, 12 volt portable ac, DIY electronics schematic, ac voltage regulator, frequencz […]

Frequency Generator Circuit Modules

Frequency Generator Circuit Modules using 555 or BC560C The second circuit will produce a different sound because of changes Frequency Generator Circuit Modules can be set its Frequency

LM833DG Audio Dual Operational Amplifier circuit

LM833DG – Audio Dual Operational Amplifier circuit Output Power: 500mW; Supply Voltage Range: ± 5V to ± 18V LM833DG Audio Dual Operational Amplifier circuit 500mW, 5V to ± 18V, Audio Dual Operational Amplifier circuit, circuits, LM833, LM833DG, LM833DG datasheet, Pinouts, Schematic Gain Bandwidth : 15MHz

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