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How to tell if cdi is bad – Circuit Module CDI ignition scooter

How to tell if cdi is bad – Circuit Module CDI ignition scooter ? CDI Pinout circuit module 1.Input from trigger pickup Module 2.To ignition Coil Positive 3.Nothing / open 4.Ground 5.Kill switch 6.CDI Power How to tell if cdi is bad? What happens when a cdi box goes bad ? Coil is a function, […]

TDA1521- Stereo audio amplifier circuit modules

TDA1521 Audio circuit This is a stereo audio amplifier circuit modules that provides 12W IC TDA1521 schematic – TDA1521 – TDA1521Q is a dual hi-fi The audio power supply 0v terminal chassis 0v, and +16v connect chassis +16 -16 connect chassis -16v   TDA1521, TDA1521 Audio Stereo circuit, TDA1521 schematic, TDA1521 Stereo audio amplifier circuit […]

Mono Microphone Preamp Circuit

Mono Microphone Preamp Circuit using NE5532, 2SB737 Mono Microphone Preamp Circuit has a good result, Mic Circuit uses IC NE5532. Mono Microphone Preamp also use Transistors 2SB737, 3 pieces tansistor sequentially in pairs, so that you can achieve a variety of tones stronger. Mono microphone pre amp circuit diagram It has two operational amplifiers better. […]

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