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TV Horizontal D2499

TV Horizontal D2499 circuit modules TV Circuit Module Horizoontal using D2499, 2SD2499 and BSC25-0000 Circuit diagram Horizontal TV on this, is often used to guide color tv repair any damage Damage to the horizontal part of television and crt monitors, Indications of damage are: -TOTAL OFF, because short / horizontal transistor leakage and or supporting […]


Inside this circuitmodules.com, be explained about the various components and related equipment with circuit diagrams, such as infrared sensors, mosfet 2n7002 nxp, wireles call bell system, ultrasound, led light ba, rpic board, tubes supply circuit, ac adapter, power supply, eeffect sensor, component, audio circuit, 12 volt portable ac, DIY electronics schematic, ac voltage regulator, frequencz […]

How to tell if cdi is bad – Circuit Module CDI ignition scooter

How to tell if cdi is bad – Circuit Module CDI ignition scooter ? CDI Pinout circuit module 1.Input from trigger pickup Module 2.To ignition Coil Positive 3.Nothing / open 4.Ground 5.Kill switch 6.CDI Power How to tell if cdi is bad? What happens when a cdi box goes bad ? Coil is a function, […]

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