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Posts tagged circuit design using NAMEC

Amplifier Circuits Diagrams – NAMEC

P Amplifier Circuits Diagrams – NAMEC The best Amplifier circuit ever made – Amplifier Circuits Diagrams – Driver NAMEC using C945, TIP41, TIP42, 2SA1943, 2SA5200 This project is about a PA audio circuit design using NAMEC Namec circuit diagram Namec Ampli pcb layout Stereo Namec Ampli pcb layout Mono  

Rain detector circuit

Rain detector circuit LM1801, 2N2222, 4011B, NE555, LM555, BC547, BC107, 2N5825, BC548, BC168 Rain detector circuit 3 kinds of circuit diaghrams to dethect the rain water, the principle is the same, the difference is the component, and the results were good, of course should be in comparison to his own. Good luck making Rain detector […]

Heating Element Protection Integrated Circuit Modules

Heating Element Protection Integrated Circuit Modules A heating element converts electricity into heat, of course, must use a safety circuit, so At high temperatures do not occur. besides that, in order to protect the heating elements and other devices. A secondary back-up protection will include monitoring temperature heating elements. Heating Element Integrated Circuit Protection Modules […]

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