Speaker Pre-amp Schematic

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Speaker Pre-amp Schematic using BC109C , 2N3904 Preamp circuit for Speakers using BC109C , 2N3904 Speaker Pre-amp Schematic using BC109C , 2N3904

Circuit of audio amplifier using transistor for car

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Circuit of audio amplifier transistor for car using BC212, BC286, BC287, 2N3055, 2N3904, 2N2905A, 2N3053 100 w CAR AMPLIFIER, CLASS A AMPLIFIER, CLASS B AMPLIFIER, 12 VOLT and 24 volt AUDIO AMPLIFIER USING TRANSISTOR CIRCUIT DIAGRAM  

Light sensor circuit diagrams

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Light sensor circuit diagrams Light sensor circuit diagrams This circuit has two distinct functions, either using the same light sensor, a circuit module is useful for light and turn off the lights (relay), and that only produce sound. Usually applies to a security alarm place. Components used: Sensor LDR 2N3904 Relay Audio alarm using LM386

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