Memory sd circuit – SD Card pin and function

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sd card pin and function

1 : Erase Blocks
2 : write single bblock
3 : read single bblock
4 : + vcc
5 : get file list
6 : – vcc
7 : write file
8 : delete file

sd card pin and function

sd card pin and function

How to Fix Memory Card – Do not It reads
Method 1:
1. Clean the pin sd card with a pencil eraser, Do it slowly until the slab TSB looks clean
2. Go to Options-Memory and highlight the words “Total Space”
3. Then press the ok button and select Repair
4. Check what can already be read in cellp.

Method 2:
1. Connect hp pc to use the data cable
2. Browse the media card directory in windows explorer (usually called Removable **) then click the right mouse button and select Properties-Tools then select Scan disk again, wait until finished.
3. Unplug the data cable.
4. Now check lg what could’ve read the media card in hp.

Method 3:

1). Connect hp pc to use the data cable.
2). Create a new folder on the hard drive as a backup pc card media folder.
3). Perform error check on the media card.
4). Copy the entire contents of the media card into the folder page.
5). Hard format media card in a way: highlights media card directory and right click mouse button and select ‘Format’. Tick ​​☑ in writing FAT16. Wait until the process is complete.
6). Backup copy of the contents of the media card that is in pc backup folder.




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